Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Since the early days of the world there have been those that want to harvest its riches for themselves and pillage the earth. Mother Gaia created warriors to defend her bounty from these attackers.

Werewolves guard and protect Mother Earth and her spirits from those that would taint and corrupt her, steal from her and destroy the goodness that the earth holds.

The world of the Werewolf is one of decay and corruption. Similar to our own world but with more pollution and greed. Large corporations try to take what they want from the earth, this wounds the earth and causes the spirits that represent the earth to be injured and tainted.

Werewolves form into groups (Packs) to battle against these corrupting influences and try to restore balance to the world. The fight those that would plunder and pillage. Those that would harvest more than they need from the earth and destroy its balance. They fight to keep the spirits of the world peaceful and free from corruption.

Werewolves are creatures of great fighting power and can do enormous amounts of damage to Gaia’s enemies. Unfortunately their enemies are also creatures of great power and the life of a warrior for Gaia is often short and brutal, but those that survive these trials are creatures of Legend, Glory and Power.

Join the war to fight for Mother Earth.