Werewolf: The Forsaken

For millennia, werewolves have stalked the line between the spirit world and the material world, acting as material emissaries and guarding the mortal world from spiritual threats. Werewolf: The Forsaken is the story of these werewolves, a game of spirituality, duty and redemption. Both worlds are the legacy of the werewolf, and both worlds their responsibility, even labouring under the sins of their ancestors.

Werewolves are born, not made, but most have no knowledge of their spiritual legacy until their first Change, making this as much a game of spiritual discovery for young werewolves as it is one of duty and problem solving. A werewolf’s abilities are tied closely to their spirituality and their understanding of themself as a wolf, a human, and a being of change. Good pack relations are essential -- a werewolf who cannot get along with the other werewolves in their area will be a very lonely one indeed. Werewolf packs require all kinds; leaders, negotiators, warriors, experts… anybody with a sense of duty and a love of nature is likely to find a home.