Changeling: The Lost

A “game of beautiful madness”, Changeling is the story of humans who, for one reason or another, were kidnapped by the Fae and, through some means or another, managed to find their way back home. But they have returned changed, to a world which is no longer theirs.

To these part-human, part-fae Changelings, the world is a strange place, where the logic of the material world and of the faerie world continue to infringe upon each other, and conflict. Most changelings spend their time trying to survive and deal with what happened to them, banding together for mutual protection. But there is always the risk of the faerie world coming back for them -- recapture by their masters, a simple seduction by the addictive delights of the world, or that their ever-present fear will prove itself true -- that their escape was but a dream, and they will wake back in the clutches of whatever torment they fled.

The world of Changeling: The Lost is one of uncertainty and danger. The Hedge, the metaphysical border between our world and that of the Fae, is accessible to Changelings, a source of both fear and temptation -- fear, because they know better than anyone the dangers within, and temptation, because it also carries sweet rewards. Some Changelings try to stay away and resume human lives, dedicating themselves to trying to overcome what happened to them. Others accept what they have become and use as much fae power as they can, risking leaving their sanity and humanity behind permanently. Whatever they choose, they must tread their borders carefully, never entirely fitting in and never being entirely sure what around them is real or safe.