Vampire: The Requiem

Vampire: The Requiem is a game of darkness, of hunger, of strange mysteries and long-standing power struggles. The dead know what they are and will do whatever they can to feel alive; to some, this means gaining physical power over others. To others, it means material wealth and status. And to many, it means becoming the nightmares that humanity perceives them to be.

Whether a vampire chooses to try to be human or to become a nightmare, to revel in material delights or to forego them, all vampires contend with the same thing: the hungering monster within, known as the Beast. The Beast whispers to the seductive mistress that she should pierce her lover’s neck and take as much blood as she needs, roars in the ear of the warrior that he should just let go and give in to the rage, rears its head upon detecting the Beast of another vampire and insists that they fight or flee. In times of great fear, hunger or anger, a vampire can lose control of their Beast, a status known as frenzy. This is, naturally, very dangerous for everyone around them.

The world of the Requiem is a world of dark shadows and intrigue. In the daylight, it looks much like our own -- but vampires do not lurk in the daylight. At night, monsters hidden under humanlike faces conduct ancient traditions and elaborate systems of politeness to avoid trying to destroy each other or being destroyed by the myriad dangers of their dark world. Some vampires seek a return to the humanity that slips farther from them as they age; others seek a transcendance to something greater. But all seek something. Why else remain “alive”?